NEO Corporate Wellness Program - We Want to Partner with You!

Let NEO be your business’s wellness partner! We can offer a customizable, comprehensive wellness program to meet your wellness goals.

We can be your wellness partner and offer:

Onsite or Offsite Biometric Screenings and Flu Shots: Screenings that measure physical characteristics such as height, weight, body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood glucose which can be used as a benchmark and tool to track changes in employee's health status over time. Also, come flu season, shots could be offered to employees right onsite.

Wellness Challenges/Incentive Programs: Partner with your benefits/HR/wellness team to design and create comprehensive wellness programs and incentives to spark motivation, physical activity, healthy eating habits and stress management strategies.

Wellness Employee Portal: Access to an online portal that's customized, interactive and designed to provide your employees with tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Individual results from biometric screens as well as useful education tools designed to reduce health risks would be readily available.

Comprehensive Reporting: A comprehensive reporting system which allows both individual and corporate reporting to help track ongoing successes. The system is HIPAA compliant and each employee’s information is kept personal and confidential. Both employers and employees benefit from comprehensive, aggregate reports and analysis of health issues within the employee population.

NEO Sports Plant Access: Clients would receive a preferred rate on access to NEO's 80,000 square foot sports facility. This will include opportunities to participate in leagues (indoor sand and court volleyball, basketball, bocce ball). Access may also be utilized for team building and company events.
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Onsite/Offsite Fitness Management: Able to provide creative, convenient solutions to allow for onsite/offsite group exercise classes to keep employees motivated and active throughout the day.

Wellness education: Onsite educational presentations such as lunch and learns on a variety of health/wellness/injury prevention topics.

Phone Apps: Apps that integrate with Apple and Android users with ability for scheduling biometric screens, viewing result, calendar integration and appointment reminders.

SSO/Data Transfer: Single Sign On (SSO) integration via EHS protocols or via SAML.


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