14s American

Player Roster





4 Filomena Giannattasio MH
5 Maya Schiciano OH
9 Gianna Koenig OH
10 Arianna Brunello OH
12 Angelena Depalma OH
14 Ella Slemc S
15 Alyssa Johnson OH
22 Abby Becker OH
88 Kayden Coffey OH

Coaching Staff

14s American - Marissa Garcia

   Marissa is the 14s American coach and this is her 5th season coaching JO, and her first season with NEOVC. She grew up on the west side and played high school volleyball for Elyria Catholic, Graduating in 2011 she went and was playing for Ashland University when 2 serious knee injuries cut her college volleyball career short. After graduating in 2015 she started coaching officially. When she isn't at work or coaching she can usually be found on the court playing herself. She is super excited to be part of the NEOVC family and for her team this year!