15s Regional

Player Roster





0 Sofia Garcia Olalla OH
1 Annalese Funk OH
4 Caroline Danford OH
9 Phoebe Gleeson OH
10 Aniya Nevels Hill OH
20 Janae Childs OH
26 Nazyia Mitchell OH

Coaching Staff

15'S Regional - Casey Timko

   This is Coach Casey second-year coaching at NEOVC. She has been playing volleyball since I was 12 years old. She played 4 years of Varsity volleyball at Villa-Angela St. Joseph HS from 2010-2014. During her Senior year, the team was division 4 State-Runner Up in 2014. Coach Casey then went on to play one year of college volleyball at Lakeland Community College. She continues to keep up my skills by playing in multiple adult leagues.