10s Regional

Player Roster





4 Ajah Davidson DS
7 Jillian Pizzuit DS
8 Payton Miozzi DS
12 Ella Meagrow DS
13 Emily Sell DS
16 lana Kirvel DS
22 London Schutt DS
26 Gigi Coreno DS
27 Taylor Kluk DS
33 Megan Goldwood DS

Coaching Staff

10s Regional - Denise Coreno

   Coach Denise is an Intervention Specialist at Orange High School. She coached their varsity team for 20 + years from 1998-2017 recently stepping down to coach her daughters, Frankie(12) and Gigi(9) CYO and JO teams. Before children, she coached JO at: LEVA, Eastside, Portage County Volleyball PVC , Eastside again and now NEO. At PVC her 16's won gold and at Eastside and her 11's came 3rd in gold. Coach Denise loves the sport of volleyball and enjoys passing her knowledge and passion of the game on to her girls.