Stay involved year-round with Junior Olympic Volleyball.

NEOVC Mission Statement

NEOVC's mission for our club is to educate, model, instruct and guide young athletes not only to become competitive, well-rounded, volleyball players, but to instill a passion for the sport to guide them through their present and future volleyball careers.


  • Create a positive environment to encourage and build strong, motivated athletes
  • Emphasize a team based atmosphere focused on fun and spirit
  • To develop a  strong foundation of basic fundamentals to carry young athletes through all levels of play
  • Integrate coaching techniques and philosophers at every age level so the athletes can take what they have learned and apply it throughout their volleyball careers
  • Provide both injury prevention programs and specialized training for all athletes

The success of our club is measured by our athletes continued love for the game, improved fundamentals, enriched team skills, enhanced physical abilities, and a well developed responsible young adult.