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Co-ed 6's 6' & Under (Court)

Go Here to view Facebook event and see a list of teams
Start: 11:00 AM
Format: A, BB, LB, B & C
Prizes to 1st & 2nd place in each division (as long as there are at least 5 teams)
All players must be 6' or under, Measuring would be without shoes. Net will be lowered to 7'6"
You can pay online when you register or
Venmo Rodger-Smith-9 Neo Sports Plant

Entry Fee: $150.00
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Men's & Women's Draw 4's King & Queens Format

Start Time: 6:00pm
Format: Draw 4's Kings & Queens Format
Divisions: A (Upper) BB (Lower)
Cash Prizes to 1st & 2nd place in A
Prizes to 1st & 2nd place in Lower
Additional Info: Sign up as a team of 2 and be placed with 3 other pairs on your net. Play with each pair 1 game to 21.
Top 2 players in each pool will advance to the money round, bottom 2 advance to the prize round. We keep taking the top 2 after the 1st round until we get down to the final 4 teams.

This is no longer a random draw format, it is a more calculated and thought out format, we are certain you will like it.

Entry Fee: $60.00
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