Sports Performance - Resistance Training

Training Session Overview

Resistance Training Stations Beginner Advanced Elite
Pre-Stretch 5 - 10 min 5 - 10 min 5 - 10 min
Warm-up 5 min 5 min 5 min
Functional Movement 30 min 20 min 35 min
Strength &/or Olympic Lifts 25 min 35 min 20 min
Post Stretch 5 - 10 min 5 - 10 min 5 - 10 min

2 Major Stations

  1. Functional Movement Training and Corrective Exercises
    • Exercises used to increase range-of-motion, increase stability and correct movement patterns to create better movement patterns
    • If we create better patterns we decrease the likelihood of getting injured
  2. Lifting
    • Olympic lifts
      • Used to develop the coordinated power or explosiveness of an athlete.
    • Strength lifts
      • Used to increase the strength and core control of an athlete.

To simplify it we do Power, Push & Pull.

The moment we start focusing on specific body parts we stop becoming athletes and start becoming body builders.

The focus of a lift day is not to strength certain muscle groups, but to increase the strength of the body as a whole unit.