Sports Performance - Frequently Asked Questions

When you train with NEO, you will be training with an educated and dedicated team of trainers to take your athletic abilities to the next level. With added years of our diverse educational and training experiences, we can make any athletes’ weaknesses become their strengths. Not only do we train you, our team has a variety of athletic background experiences in sports with a wide range of performance training from beginner to the collegiate level. We teach athletes how to become motivated and focused in and outside the gym, field, and courts to achieve complete wellness. We challenge our athletes to work within the parameters of their unique limitations while motivating them to reach their fullest potential and be the best athlete they can be.

Each athlete will have their own workout system that they will perform. Each system will be monitored by me and/or the other strength and conditioning coaches.

It is similar to a program, but a system is a constantly evolving method of achieving goals or results. A program indicates a pre-set plan which does not allow for modification. As you or your son or daughter change and improve so should their workouts.

It is a 7 step screen used to identify weak links or dysfunction in a person and movement patterns. The screen takes about 10-15 minutes to perform. It identifies weakness not in a particular muscle group, but as how the muscles work together to create a movement. Weaknesses could be due to limited range-of-motion, incorrect muscular response to a movement pattern or the inability of a person to stabilize a joint or joints during activity. We then use this knowledge to create a program that helps improve the weaknesses of an athlete, thus making them a better, more well-rounded athlete.