Sports Performance - About Us

We are a group of educated Strength & Conditioning coaches dedicated to take your athletic abilities to the next level. We don’t just train our athlete’s, but educate them on what they are doing, why they are doing it and how to do it correctly. Our Strength & Conditioning coaches also educate athletes how to become motivated and focused inside and outside the gym, field, and courts to achieve complete wellness. We challenge our athletes to work with the parameters of their unique limitations while motivating them to reach their fullest potential and become the best athlete and person they can be.

Our Goal:

To help athlete of all ages improve their athletic performance, reach their highest physical abilities and lower their risk of injuries.

What we are:

  • Educated

    • Our Strength & Conditioning coaches either a 4 year Bachelor’s degree or a 6 year Master’s degree.
  • Certified

    • Our coaches hold only the most respected certifications from top 5 certifying bodies in the United States.
    • All of our trainers stay up to date on our continuing education units for our certifying bodies.
  • Experienced

    • Our staff has combined for over 20,000 hours of internship experience with youth, collegiate and professional athletes.
    • Combined we have over 40 years of experience training athletes for just about any sport on every surface.

How to get started

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Use the sign-up form below to have someone contact you, e-mail us or call us to register for your first Functional Movement Screen (FMS). We ask that every athlete signs up for FMS first. The MS allows us to better prescribe a workout for you or your athletes athletic needs.
  2. After the first screen we will recommend what classes to take based on needs and goals.
  3. Attend at least 1 group Introductory class and get started.

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