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St Paschal Baylon Open House

As proud members of St Paschal's we would like to invite you to a free open house
Wednesday Dec 27th at the newly renovated NEO Sports Plant less than 5 miles from SPB.

K-2nd 10am - 12pm
3rd - 5th 12:30 - 2:30
6th-8th 3:00 - 5pm

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Browns PreSeason Tail Gate Beer Games

This is our year....... To continue to utilize adult beverages to get through watching our beloved Brownies....

Come join us for our SECOND BEER GAMES as Jeff George will take the reigns as commissioner to put his own twist on the games! KanJam, Corn Hole and Beersby will be back and the new format will allow EVERY participant to play EVERY game. Get your team together and don't forget to dress in uniform to get your team your ten bonus points! (Telly) Should end just in time to have enough beverages in us to watch our Browns take on Tampa Bay for their third preseason game.

Saturday August 26th! $30 per team. Starts at Noon

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2017 Annual Red White and Brew Backyard Games Tour

Backyard Games / Beer Olympics - Teams are to be made of 6 participants! All 6 Participants must compete in 3 of the 6 events. Games include: Beer Die, Kan Jam, Beersby, Flip Cup, Civil War, Good Ole Fashion Chug
$30 per team

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Summer 2017 Future Athletes Program

- A fun and interactive Strength & Conditioning program for your future athlete.
- Functional movement exercises to combat imbalances created from early sport specializations, prevent injuries and create a well rounded athlete
- Taught how to properly perform basic technique/fundamentals, stretching and plyometrics
- Educate them on nutrition and help them understand that while they are growing that does not mean they can eat whatever they want.

2 Age Groups: 6-7 year olds & 8-9 year olds
Starting June 5th for 8 weeks, no class July 3rd - Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Morning Classes
6-7 yo 10:30-11:30 a.m.
8-9 yo 11:30-12:30a.m.

6-7 yo 4:30-5:30 p.m.
8-9 yo 5:30-6:30 p.m.

Cost - $200 for 8 week session

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Nuke'em Tournament

Its like Sand Volleyball without the bump, set, spike! Medicine ball Nuke'em is played on our sand Volleyball courts and the objective is to throw the ball over the net so the other team does not have a chance to catch and return it.

- Players are not allowed to walk to the net carrying the ball. They will have a 3 Count to release the ball
- Teams are allowed one pass to get the ball over the net
- We will be using a 10lb. Medicine ball
- Points are awarded during every serve
- Score is to 11, must win by 2

Cost - $40 per Team (2 Players per Team)

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