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I Wear Grey For Calvin Bocce Benefit

36 Team Double Elimination Bocce Tournament
START TIME: 9:00 AM-???
COST:$100 per team
Lunch included
Prizes: To 1st and 2nd place

Entry Fee: $100.00
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NEO Winter Open Championship - December 1-3, 2017

4 GAMES GUARANTEED* | Based off 60 Teams |Four Flight Options
*Friday 6pm*Saturday 8am*130pm*7pm
There will be three randomly drawn 5 team pools in each flight. 2 Courts per pool. Round robin style with the top 2 teams per pool advancing to Sunday. You will play EVERY team in your pool one game to 12 points.

SUNDAY CHAMPIONSHIP BRACKET - 24 Team SINGLE Elimination - Beginning at 8am

Pay Structure (Based of 60 teams)
1st - $4000
2nd - $2000
3rd - $1000
4th - $600
5th thru 8th - $450
9th thru 16th - $300
17th thru 24th - $200

Entry Fee: $225.00
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ACS Rock-N-Roll Bocce Tournament

More Details To Come

Entry Fee: $150.00
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